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Bringing Medical Innovations to Life

Welcome to Intent IP! As a committed clinician with a visionary idea, you might be facing the time commitment challenge of a demanding healthcare workload and the absence of local tech-transfer expertise. We’re here to explore the path for your invention, bridging the gap between concept and IP protection. Let’s advance your groundbreaking ideas, together.

Intent IP Can Help

I’m Jamie Kemler, founder of Intent IP, a trusted advisor and  investor who believes in the power of local talent/creativity and understands the specific challenges clinicians in northern Michigan and other communities face. I am dedicated to turning your clinical innovations into meaningful solutions.

The Process

Do you have an idea that could revolutionize healthcare? Let’s talk about it.

Connect With Me

Step 1: Reach out for a one-on-one discussion about your idea. We can exchange information and ideas to see if we are a fit.

Identify Opportunities

Step 2: Together, we’ll explore its potential – whether it’s the foundation for a start-up or an innovative asset to license.

Create a plan

Step 3: Focus on what you do best – patient care – while we handle the exploration of intellectual property creation and commercialization.


Why Intent IP exists

Intent IP provides a uniquely tailored service for inventive clinicians in Northern Michigan and beyond. In our home region, the journey from a viable medical idea to a patented innovation often hits a roadblock due to a lack of resources and local guidance. Unlike large academic medical centers, where tech transfer organizations provide comprehensive support in idea assessment, patent application, and commercialization, such facilities are limited here. As a clinician, your time is incredibly valuable and often too constrained to navigate the complexities of the patenting process alone. My services can step in to fill this gap. I offer specialized assistance to help you assess your idea, apply for patent protection, and explore commercialization opportunities, all while you continue to focus on what you do best – caring for patients. 

If you have an idea that could revolutionize critical outcomes, I’m here to support you, not charge you. Your innovative concept deserves a chance to become a patented reality, and I am committed to helping you navigate this journey, with no consulting fees and absolute respect for your intellectual property. Together, we can transform your idea into a valuable asset that not only has the potential for commercial success but, more importantly, can significantly enhance patient outcomes. By creating intellectual property in healthcare, you’re not just treating patients directly; you’re multiplying your impact, reaching countless individuals through your invention. Let’s collaborate to make a lasting, positive difference in the clinic. I can be your partner in turning your innovative ideas into impactful realities.

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