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Have an innovative idea that would improve clinical outcomes?

I’m here to explore the path for your invention, bridging the gap between concept and IP protection. Let’s advance your groundbreaking ideas, together. 

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Step 1: Contact me to have a confidential conversation about your concept. This is an opportunity for us to share insights and assess our compatibility to work together.

Explore the Idea

Step 2: We’ll delve into the possibilities of your idea, examining its potential as either a groundbreaking start-up venture or a valuable asset for licensing.

Create a Strategy

Step 3: Focus on your primary strength – providing exceptional patient care. Meanwhile, I’ll research and develop strategies for intellectual property creation and its potential market entry.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of support do you offer for clinicians with innovative medical technology ideas?

I specialize in helping clinicians turn their innovative ideas into intellectual property (IP). My support includes guiding you through the process of assessing your idea, applying for patent protection, and exploring commercialization opportunities. Whether your idea is a potential basis for a startup or an invention that could be licensed to other companies, I’m here to support and advance your concepts.

I have an inventive idea in healthcare. How can I know if it's suitable for IP creation and commercialization?

Your idea is ideal if it’s novel and solves real problems in the healthcare system and/or significantly improves patient health. The more transformative your idea, the better. I encourage you to contact me for an initial discussion, where we’ll evaluate the potential of your idea for IP creation and commercialization, all with no consulting fee.

I'm a busy clinician with little time and knowledge about patents. How can you assist?

I understand that clinicians in our area often don’t have the time or resources to navigate the patenting process. Unlike larger academic medical centers with tech transfer organizations, our region lacks such support. This is where I can step in. I provide the necessary guidance and resources to help busy clinicians like you explore and understand the patenting process, ensuring your innovative ideas receive the protection and attention they deserve.

Are there any costs or risks to me for discussing my idea with you, and how does the financial arrangement work?

There are no costs or risks to you when discussing your idea with me. My unique approach is that I do not charge for my services. Instead, if we reach an agreement, I personally invest my own money and time to develop intellectual property (IP) for your invention. You have two general options for how this works: either you can own the IP and I will receive a royalty from future commercialization, or I can own the created IP and pay you a royalty on future potential commercialization outcomes. This model ensures that your innovative ideas are nurtured and developed without a financial burden on you, providing a mutually beneficial arrangement focused on bringing impactful medical solutions to the market.

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